Mind Body Myth abides by codes of ethics established by the following organizations:

  • The National Association of Science Writers
  • The Textbook and Academic Authors Association

Financial Independence

Mind Body Myth is a project published by Ethos Press, LLC as part of the Forth→ Initiative. Ethos Press is an independently run company owned and operated by a disabled woman.

Why Isn't Ethos Press a Nonprofit Organization?

The designation of 501(c)(3) is for tax purposes. It does not indicate an organization's values, mission, or purpose.

If or when it serves the organization's mission, Ethos Press will transition to a nonprofit. In the short term, the labor to form and maintain a nonprofit board and organization is inaccessible for our small startup publication.

Regardless of how Ethos Press is financially backed, it will maintain complete editorial independence. Sponsors, donors, partners, and grantmakers will not control what is covered, receive advance notice about stories or research, or be able to kill stories before or after publication. Any stories, projects, or initiatives that are funded by specific sponsors will be denoted as such.

The Funding page will disclose non-individual gifts, grants, and financial partners. Individuals who wish to be recognized will also be included. For their privacy, individuals who do not request identification will not be disclosed.

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Every dollar goes directly to the time-intensive research for Mind Body Myth and the Forth→Initiative. Your support makes this possible. Thank you!

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