When it comes to conflicts of interest, we take the stance that it’s impossible not to have conflicted interests. Every human has a point of view. While some aspects of research and inquiry can minimize researcher bias, Mind Body Myth is firmly in favor of justice, equity, autonomy, and inclusion for all people.

In qualitative research, the concept of “researcher bias” is frequently debated. No matter how hard a researcher tries, they can never truly separate themselves from their own lived experience or create a blank slate from which to engage the world.

Mind Body Myth believes that efforts to sanitize society from differences and discomfort are tenets of ableism. This publication does not seek perspective neutrality but radical candor, transparency, and disclosure. It will approach all research, reporting, and analysis with critical thinking, filtered through the dual lenses of disability theory and crip theory.


Mind Body Myth maintains complete editorial independence.

For a complete list of funding sources from organizations and non-individuals, view the list of contributions.


We will not accept gifts or free products to review or cover. The exception is that book authors or publishers are free to provide advance review copies of books. If we choose to publish a review, an advance copy will not be provided to the author or publisher.

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